What Alberta Could Do with $7.4 billion instead of Trans Mountain Pipeline

Let’s presume we use that $7.4 billion and invest in renewables instead:

  • Large scale solar farm installations can cost as low as $1/Watt (or $1 million/MW) and don’t forget the long-term jobs that come with this
  • Wind farms on the other hand: “The commercial wind turbine cost is about $1- $2 million a MW nameplate capacity installed and if you buy the same turbine in 2 MW, its cost would be about $2.8 million.”
  • Geothermal:  “According to studies, an economically competitive geothermal power plant can cost as low as $3400 per kilowatt installed.” (or $3.4 million/MW)

Some of the savings could also be used for investment in research and innovation for battery storage:

  • Investments in storage innovations like Tesla’s large scale (100MW+) batteries would go a very long way.

Romy Tittel, Thana Boonlert and Brian Deheer

Comments 1

  • Instead of converting the geothermal heat to electricity, it could be used via a heat exchanger to heat buildings directly, probably for less cost. Think cattle barns, greenhouses, even homes in small communities via district heating. In Iceland they heat the sidewalks into houses (have done for years!) No more snow shoveling …

    Of course, with global warming the kids will soon be asking ‘What’s a snow shovel?’