“We can’t avoid a tax on carbon”: GPA president in letter to Calgary Herald

President of the GPA, Carl Svoboda, has a letter to the editor in today’s Calgary Herald:

There’s no avoiding a tax on carbon

Re: “UCP candidates sign pledge to end carbon tax,” Sept. 15.

All of the candidates for the UCP leadership denounce the carbon tax and promise to repeal it, despite the fact that the federal government has made it clear that any province that does not tax carbon in an acceptable manner will be subjected to a federal carbon tax.

Their constitutional right to do so is clear, despite all the brave talk of challenging them in court.

In the end, we would still be paying a carbon tax. The only difference is that instead of going to Edmonton to finance Alberta priorities, it would go to Ottawa to fund federal priorities, and we will have shot ourselves in the foot.

Carl Svoboda, Calgary

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