Janet Keeping has decided to step down as leader after five years of building the Green Party of Alberta’s reputation.  She thinks it’s time for the party to have a younger leader and for herself to have more time with her far-flung family. The new leader will be elected at the party’s AGM on November 4, 2017.


Several people have already informed President Carl Svoboda that they intend to seek party approval to enter the race, so we anticipate a lively leadership race. Anyone interested in exploring a leadership bid should ensure their understanding of GPA values and policies (See “What We Stand For” on this website) and then get in touch with Carl Svoboda at The deadline for entry is September 10th.

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  • I just want to thank Janet for dedicating the past five years to the Green Party of Alberta. It takes a lot of commitment and guts to put your name forward let alone actually do it for five years. I hope that a new leadership can usher in a new era for the AB Greens and we will see an increase in membership and media attention.

  • Wonderful. It is important to have a variety of candidates. I hope to be of help. Now I’d better send in my membership renewal…

    • What does “awaiting moderation” mean? Was my comment immoderate? Or are you awaiting my membership payment? – I had issues with someone using PayPal, so I have to send via surface mail. Thanks.

  • Thanks so much, Josh. I think the GPA has a very bright future, and it’s clear that Alberta badly needs a successful Green Party,

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