Thana Boonlert wins Calgary-Mountain View Candidacy

I am very pleased to have Thana Boonlert, one of our Deputy Leaders, be officially nominated as the Alberta Greens’ candidate for the Calgary-Mountain View riding. Thana’s experience as an environmental scientist and engineer-in-training, will be crucial in bringing forward thoughtful and knowledge-based discussions with the constituents. Thana has been actively involved in the community since the last general election and has been focused on further understanding opportunities for economic development, making housing more affordable, reducing poverty, indigenous reconciliation, and climate change.

Thana stated “The world is changing, and it is changing quick. We can either help lead this change, or we can do business as usual and be left behind. I am ready to work hard and show Albertans how innovative adjustments to our current industries, and political will, can benefit families and individuals of all genders and races for generations to come.”

Romy Tittel


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