Thana Boonlert to run for Alberta Greens in Calgary-Greenway by-election

The Green Party of Alberta is pleased to announce that environmental engineer, Thana Boonlert, will be the Party’s candidate in the by-election soon to be held in Calgary-Greenway. According to leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Janet Keeping, “Thana will make an immensely intelligent, well-informed and energetic candidate. He will do a great job of conveying Green values and policies in the by-election campaign. We are delighted that someone of Thana’s talents, background and ability has come forward wanting to run for the provincial Greens.”

Thana is looking forward to carrying the Green banner into the Calgary-Greenway by-election. “The people of Calgary-Greenway deserve an MLA who understands what Alberta’s new low-carbon economy is going to look like and how it can provide sustainable jobs and great communities. I want to give the constituents a vision beyond tomorrow,” says Boonlert.

See below for Thana’s bio and photograph.

Thana Boonlert, GPA Candidate for Calgary-Greenway, can be contacted at:

(403) 689-8547 (cell)
Twitter @thana4yyc

Janet Keeping, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, can be contacted at:

(403) 283-8085
(403) 383 1356 (cell/text)
Twitter @leader_janet



Green Party of Alberta candidate in Calgary-Greenway


Thana Boonlert head and shoulders with Calgary skyline behind. Thana Boonlert is the Green Party's selected candidate in the Calgary-Greenway by-election.

Thana Boonlert is the Green Party’s selected candidate for the Calgary-Greenway by-election.

Born in Gatineau, Quebec, Thana spent his early years living in Ottawa where he was raised speaking French, English and Thai. He attended the University of Guelph, where he was actively involved in student politics and graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering Degree.

Thana currently works in Calgary as an Environmental Engineer with a company that specializes in storm-water management and wetland designs. His role is strongly focused on engaging politicians, community associations, and activist groups on removing barriers to innovative technologies in Alberta. Thana earlier worked in environmental compliance and air emissions analysis.

Thana is an active member of the Calgary Climate Action Network and an Ambassador for the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association. He volunteers frequently at the Calgary Drop-In Centre, and attends meetings and discussions throughout the city on homelessness, sustainability, energy, and other local initiatives.

From a young age, Thana has been passionate about politics and the environment. Having been raised in an ethnic community, he understands it is important to include all cultural and socio-economical groups when developing policy. He believes that representation in the Legislature should reflect the diversity of Alberta’s population.

In his spare time, Thana plays hockey, is an avid snowboarder, writes music, and is often in the mountains enjoying Mother Nature.

Thana Boonlert, Green Party of Alberta Candidate for Calgary-Greenway, can be contacted at:

(403) 689-8547 (cell)
Twitter @thana4yyc


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  • Congratulations Greens on nominating such a great candidate. Its good to see you making your presence known!

  • Sending best wishes to Greens in the riding of Calgary – Greenway. It is very important to have a Green presence in the Alberta legislature and Thana would make an outstanding MLA. Please contribute to his campaign today!

  • If he’s an Engineer why isn’t he on the APEGA listing as being a member??

    • Engineering grads do many kinds of work that don’t require that they belong to APEGA. The same goes for law grads and many other professionals. There are many opportunities for using your professional expertise that have nothing to do with bodies such as APEGA or the Law Society of Alberta. Thanks for writing with your question.
      Sincerely, Janet

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