Spending scandal destroys trust – Listen to audio by Janet Keeping

Janet Keeping, leader of Alberta’s Green Party, talks about the importance of trust to healthy democracy and how abuses of power destroy that trust.

Listen to the audio file and follow Janet on Twitter @leader_janet.

Janet is the Green Party of Alberta’s candidate in Calgary Fort.

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  • Thanks for this, Janet.

    I find it useful to think of the big dollar amounts in terms of what we could have had instead. The Auditor General found that it cost $3.9 million (in one year, 2012) to have airplanes available to the government on demand, compared to taking commercial flights.

    There may be times when some urgent matter requires a non-scheduled flight, or where privacy requires it. I think those times are few and far between. We live in an age of hyper-fast electronic communication. Personal presence is NOT always necessary and there are lots of suitable substitutes.

    How many nurses could have worked for a year using the $3.9 million to pay for them? I’m guessing that number is somewhere between 25 and 35.

    Regardless of what the actual number is, the point is that once you start thinking about what that money could have bought, the dollars start to become more meaningful.

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