Romy Tittel

In 300 words or less, please explain why members should vote for you, referencing any relevant
board, educational, political, legal, financial, business, or volunteer experiences.

I am a first-generation Canadian, born and raised in Calgary, currently residing in the
Springbank area west of Calgary. My husband of 35 years and I own and operate PROCAD
Software, which has been serving the process engineering community for 29 years.
Besides being a businesswoman, I was also the second female journeyman Electrician in
Alberta. My skills and experience cross a wide range of fields from engineering to art.
I was the former Green Party of Canada candidate and CEO of the Foothills riding. I
achieved the second highest vote in Alberta and increased our membership by 45%.
During this time, I helped with mentoring, recruiting and supporting my fellow Alberta
candidates. I also was a key volunteer for the cross-Canada webinars put on by the GPC
providing technical support, answering questions and hosting.
I also was the Campaign Chair for the Greenway by-election for Thana Boonlert.
Here is a video from the forum in Pincher Creek.
My community involvement included starting the first compost bin project with the local
Boys Scouts group. Volunteering at a local Art Centre and helping with art projects for
City buildings. I have also helped with sponsoring and supporting new immigrants to
Between all my varied interests and jobs, I have gained a vast experience. Building ideas
from scratch, bringing together and managing people, utilizing
technologies/software/hardware in all these arenas.
I would not consider myself a “political” person, rather a person with a strong sense of
morality and integrity who takes the opportunities life presents me to do my best to
serve my community and my country.
I have faith in humanity to rise to the challenges we face now and in the future.

In 300 words or less, explain your vision for the party and how your vision is consistent or not
with the GPA’s objectives in Article 2 of the GPA Constitution and with existing policies.

I have always been an advocate for the tenets of the Green Party of Alberta in my own
life. Not only in the choices made in our business but in my day to day activities. The
power that our individual economy provides us has a real impact on the world around us,
whether it is purchasing food or providing a fulfilling employment within our own
As a leader, I will bring my robust experience in navigating the rollercoaster that has
been Alberta’s economy. This experience has taught me that we must work together to
ensure our decisions for the future bring the best options and solutions to bear. I have
always been guided by a strong moral compass and has not succumbed to the
temptations life presents.
Over the course of my lifetime, I have witnessed an incremental step by step acceptance
of the economic/financial decisions that have ended up degrading the middle-class and
our planet. This must be challenged and a new direction needs to be taken, either by
choice or by disaster. I prefer choice.
My choice would be to follow the “Doughnut Economics”, by Kate Raworth. It is one of
those examples in life where the same concept you have spoken of and lived by find their
way into the collective unconscious and low and behold a book is written.
The decisions we make here in our province are affected by and resonate throughout our
world. The Green Parties around the globe are a powerful and united force bringing the
sustainable solutions that will see us get ahead.