Recycling in Alberta

January 18, 2018

Government of Alberta

Minister of Environment and Parks

Dear Ms. Shannon Phillips,

I am writing to you today to discuss our recycling model in Alberta. As you are aware, the Chinese government will no longer accept our materials which will necessitate a serious change in how we handle our current recyclables.

I was contacted by Christina Seidel, Executive Director of the Recycling Council of Alberta (RCA) to discuss this urgent matter. She informed me that the previous government had already held hearings with the responsible stakeholders and was well on its way to creating legislation to address this issue. Our province has already fallen behind on this issue and we are now in a very uncomfortable position of having to play catch-up.

I have attached her white paper outlining the RCA’s position and proposals for our recycling model. You may also be aware of how British Columbia handles its recycling program with what I would describe as a future forward approach whereby they make the producer of the packaging responsible for its recycling. This has even extended itself to the City of Vancouver who have withdrawn from the collection of recycling and putting the onus on the producers to do the collection and further recycling of their products, thus saving the city countless millions of tax payer dollars.

If there is anything I can bring to bear in resolving these issues, please let me know. You have my full support in addressing these concerns and implementing solutions.

Yours Truly,

Romy S. Tittel