Program for the 2016 AGM and Policy Convention

This program is subject to minor timing changes as the days proceed.

More information about the speakers will be added as it becomes available.

If you want to help at the AGM and Convention, there will be a lot of on-the-spot jobs. Rather than assigning many tasks now, the better thing is to ask for help from the people in the room when the help is needed!

What kind of help?

Greeting people as they come in, making introductions, helping staff some of the information tables, buying and selling T-shirts, setting up the silent auction and later taking it down, etc.

If you’re willing to do any of that on the day, just say so to the first Executive member you run into and we’ll know to call on you. Thanks.

On Friday afternoon, we will be doing some preliminary set up at SAIT and might want a little help with organizing name tags, setting up tables, and so on. This would be from about 3 till 5 (TBD). Please email if you would like to offer your help, and please include your phone number.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday, September 30, there is an informal social evening with the Leader, Janet Keeping, starting at 6 pm.

Where: Getto Boys Burgers & Ribs, downstairs. This is a no-host evening, so be prepared to buy your own food and drink.

Getto Boys website

Address: 720 16 Ave NW
Calgary, AB T2M0J8

Saturday, October 1, 2016 Annual General Meeting

Venue is the Ambrosia Room, Campus Centre, SAIT, Calgary

For map and other venue information see the Questions and Answers page.

8:30 am the room will be open and we will be setting up tables for

  • Registration
  • Information from a few community organizations, including Fair Vote and Geothermal Energy
  • Silent Auction (Bring something to donate – something good you think others would love to buy)
  • T-shirt sales
  • Meet the candidates
  • Constituency Associations – sign up for information and to join or start a CA
  • Coffee will be available both days.

Come in, mix and mingle, and take the opportunity to chat to the candidates for Executive Council.

Buy a T-shirt!

9:15 am to 10:15 am Workshop
Strong Constituency Associations for Electoral Success

Led by Past President Susan Stratton and Member at Large Dick Willott

This workshop can be a huge step toward genuine success in the 2019 election. We need you there, whether you’re just wondering what a Constituency Association is for, or you’re wondering how it can translate into a winning campaign, or you have the answers and want to share them with others.

The first part of the workshop will be about why we need CAs, what the challenges are that people face in getting one started, and the technicalities of what’s required to do that. The second part will be about setting goals for recruiting members and volunteers, fundraising, and attracting a strong election candidate, plus tips on how to meet those goals.

We need to get started now for Green success in 2019. We can do it! Believe! (and come to the workshop).

10:15 to 10:35 am Break

10:35 to 11:10 am Business

11:10 to 11:45 am Officers’ Reports

11:45 to 12 noon Break

12 noon to 1 pm Lunch

1 to 2 pm Tour of SAIT’s Green Building Program

2 to 3:30 pm Sustainability Panel: Municipal Leadership & Success Stories in Alberta

Leader Janet Keeping and invited panelists from some of Alberta’s municipalities will talk about what it takes for a city or town to be a leader and have success in practicing sustainability.


Medicine Hat City Councillor Celina Symmonds

Medicine Hat has attracted international attention since it decided to end homelessness by providing homes. Has it worked? Is it a sustainable approach?

City of Leduc Environmental Sustainability Coordinator Kerra Chomlak

In the summer of 2016, Leduc announced the installation of Canada’s largest rooftop solar array on their recreation centre. What motivated this? Should other municipalities be trying the same thing?

(Third panelist pending confirmation)

3:30 to 3:45 pm Break

3:45 to 4:25 pm Election of Executive

The details of the election can be found on the Questions and Answers page.

The positions to be filled are:

  • Vice President (1)
  • Chief Financial Officer (1)
  • Members at Large (3)

Continuing Executive Members

The following individuals were elected to 2-year terms in 2015.

  • President, Carl Svoboda, Retired Engineer, Calgary
  • Secretary, Coral Bliss Taylor, Community Engagement Specialist, Calgary
  • Member at Large, Madeleine Oldershaw, Retired Geophysicist, Calgary
  • Member at Large, Richard (Dick) Willott, Retired Geophysicist, Calgary
  • (Non-voting) Past President, Susan Stratton, Retired English Professor, Calgary
  • The Party Leader may attend and vote at Executive Council meetings. The Leader, since 2012, is Janet Keeping, Lawyer, Calgary.

4:25 to 4:55 pm Leader’s Speech

4:55 pm End of business. Photo time!

We’ll take the usual picture of everyone.

4:55 to 5:45 pm Break / New Executive meets privately, briefly

The new EC will get their picture taken and have a brief meeting, mainly to set their meeting schedule. The “New Executive” is the whole Executive Council, including the continuing members.

5:45 to about 7:30 pm Dinner

Dinner and lunch are included as part of the weekend for those who RSVP before end of day on Wednesday. After that, we can’t guarantee your food order will make it to the kitchen! Please don’t delay, RSVP today.

Dinner Speaker

Our dinner speaker will be Susan Wright, of Susan on the Soapbox, one of Alberta’s leading political observers.

About Susan Wright

Susan thought she’d become an anthropologist but found herself slogging through law school instead. She obtained her LLB from the University of Calgary in 1984 and was called to the Bar in 1985.  She worked as a litigator at a major downtown law firm before seeing the light and moving in-house.  She spent 26 years in the petrochemicals, pipelines, oil and natural gas industry, practicing in Canada and the US.  She was the VP Legal, General Counsel at Alliance Pipelines before she retired to run in the 2014 provincial by-election. She lost but says running for public office is good for the soul and everyone should try it at least once.

Susan writes a political blog Susan on the Soapbox which won a Clawbie Award in 2013 for being the best legal blog for a non-legal audience.  Posts have been reprinted in Huffington Post, Rabble and Alberta Views. 

Susan is a regular on CTV’s Alberta Primetime political panel and has appeared on CBC Radio and Danielle Smith’s Newstalk 770. She received the PIA Public Interest Award for Southern Alberta in 2016.

Close of Silent Auction

The Silent Auction will end and with luck we will have a goodly sum to report.

Sunday, October 1, 2016

Same venue

The Ambrosia Room, Campus Centre, SAIT, Calgary

For map and other venue information see the Questions and Answers page.

After the events and excitement of Saturday, we get down to the business of making policy on Sunday. We have on tap a series of proposed policy motions on subjects ranging from Agriculture to Human Rights to Renewable Energy to Cooperatives and more. Our past policy meetings have generated a lot of lively discussion, and this one will be no exception. If you have been a member for thirty days, you can vote on policy resolutions. The full text and background of all the motions have been posted, so have a good look at them and come prepared to share your opinions.

Link to GPA Policy Motions

8:30 am Room open

  • Registration
  • Socializing
  • T-shirts for sale

9:00 am Business begins

The package of policy motions has been posted to this website. Here is the link:

GPA Policy Motions

and if you wish to make a public comment you can do it on this page

GPA Policy Motions public comment page.

There will be a coffee break in the morning and in the afternoon.

Noon Lunch and Speaker

Again, lunch is included with your registration provided you RSVP before the close of business Wednesday. After that, you should still RSVP in the hope we can convince the kitchen to dish you up a meal, but we can’t guarantee it.

Lunch Speaker

We will be hearing from Celia Lee.

Celia Lee holds a Master of Environmental Design from the University of Calgary and has been actively studying and promoting vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods and communities.

1 p.m. to 4:30 pm Continuation of Policy Convention

4:30 pm Close of Convention

4:30 to 4:40 pm Reminder from the Green Party of Canada of Special General Meeting in December

4:45 Room closes