Please support the Green Party of Alberta — There is so much good work to be done


With your support now, we’ll see exciting growth in 2016

2015 was monumental in the history of Alberta politics.  It was the year enough finally became enough. It was the year Albertans tossed the Progressive Conservatives the longest serving government in Canadian history — out of office.

The provincial election of 2015 was our very own Alberta Spring—when an oppressive phase of politics ended and something presenting many more opportunities took its place. Finally, the culture of political entitlement is over. Now there is a chance for genuine debate and exchange of differing ideas about public policy and government.  Greens, along with all other Albertans serious about the need for change, have benefited from voters ousting the PCs.

This “break in tradition” is the perfect opportunity for us Greens to get on with building the strength of our party so we can be fully ready for the next provincial election in 2019.

We know political change is possible in Alberta because we’ve witnessed it. So, what comes next? No one knows, but if we work hard and well, we’ll see that the changes to come include electing some Green MLAs to our Alberta legislature.

This will happen only if we continue to spread our roots, break ground, and grow.

A very promising way to build our party in 2016 is to start more active Constituency Associations, known for short as “CAs”. These grassroots groups of party members can foster a sense of Green community in each of the electoral districts and reach out to their neighbours in ways that model Green priorities. CAs can get involved in local projects and do a lot of the work necessary to recruit candidates for the next election.

Please support the Green Party of Alberta in its work to build CAs across the province. We need volunteers to help with organizing and fundraising, and right now, we desperately need funds to kick-start their work. Can you help to support our party CA growth initiatives?

You can donate in a way that works for you. Check out our “Simple Green Growth Guide” below for easy, secure donation options.

It’s an exhilarating time to be involved in Alberta politics for sure. The big question now is: what can you do to be a part of all the excitement?

Yours in hope for a Green Alberta,

Janet Keeping, Leader, GPA, and Carl Svoboda, President, GPA

Simple Green Growth Guide

  1. Whatever help you can afford to give the Green Party of Alberta will be a gift you can be proud of, and thanks to generous tax credits for political donations from Albertans, the actual cost to you at tax time may come to as little as 25% of your donation (see the chart below).
  2. We are grateful for our donors’ support. What the party spends is carefully considered, and in addition to support for the work we need to grow now, a significant portion of our income will be saved toward the next general election. With your donation now, you will be joining party leader Janet Keeping in committing to a realistic effort to position the party to elect Green MLAs. Provincial Greens have been elected in British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. We can do it here in Alberta, too!!
  3. All contributions are important. No matter how big or how small, how seldom or how often, we acknowledge and appreciate your commitment to support a Greener Alberta.


Easy Ways to Green Alberta

  1. Mail your cheque to:

Green Party of Alberta

319 – 3630 Brentwood Rd. NW, PO Box 45066

Calgary AB T2L 1Y4

  1. PayPal: Visit and follow the DONATE prompts.
  2. Electronic Transfer: Arrange an electronic transfer of funds by contacting the Chief Financial Officer, Matt Burnett:
  3. Monthly Donation: For an automatic monthly electronic transfer, please complete and sign this form:

Mail it to the address above or scan and email it to

Please consider both a one-time donation now and a monthly donation effective in 2016, or an increase in 2016 if you already donate monthly. Monthly donations are especially important because they give the party a steady financial base.

If you also donate to the Green Party of Canada, that has no effect on your provincial tax credit, which is entirely separate from the federal tax credit.

Tax credits for political donations made by Albertans

If your total annual donation is $40, your tax credit will be $30, so your effective cost is only $10!

Donate $100, get a tax credit of $75, costing you only $25.

Donate $200, tax credit $150, cost $50.

Donate $500, tax credit $300, cost $200.

Donate $750, tax credit $425, cost $325.

Donate $1000, tax credit $550, cost $450.

Donate $2300, tax credit $1000, cost $1300.

For larger donations, up to $15,000, you will receive a $1000 tax credit.

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