On the campaign trail: Doing democracy daily

Democracy in action is a thrilling thing.  I ran in the recent general election and am running again in the Calgary-Foothills by-election.  It feels really good to be back canvasing in the communities of Calgary-Foothills.

Janet Keeping is the Leader of the Green Party of Alberta

Janet Keeping is the Leader of the Green Party of Alberta

It’s August – peak summer – and many people are away but together with our wonderful volunteers I am having some great conversations at the door-step.

With the change of government in May, many voters in Calgary-Foothills are grappling with how to cast their vote on September 3rd.  We are finding Green supporters even at this early point in the by-election.  But we are also finding a much greater willingness to consider voting Green than I ever would have predicted.    Many people at the door-step agree that we are in a different world – one where Alberta’s environmental performance has to be much, much better than it has been.

It’s not all good – of course!  Some people are very angry that Jim Prentice quite as MLA requiring this by-election and don’t want to hear anything about provincial politics.  Some people fear the growing awareness of climate change and as a result  some don’t want to hear from Greens.

But on the whole Calgary-Foothills voters are thoughtful and open to meeting me, hearing our Green message and giving Greens a chance.  It’s encouraging!

And our glorious volunteers are working so hard and so well.  Thanks so much, dear friends and colleagues.  We are doing important democratic work, and having fun too.  Onward!


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