Oil Transport needs a new method

This past week the BC government announced a limit to the amount of diluent allowed in the pipelines transporting Alberta’s heavy oil to the west coast. This has put additional strain on the already fragile Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. With financing in jeopardy and additional regulatory hurdles, this project faces the very real risk of being cancelled.

The response from our NDP government to threaten retaliation in the form of leaving electricity negotiations with BC would delay phasing out our remaining coal fired electrical plants. The NDP government took BC to task for impeding Alberta’s economic need to move oil exports claiming it runs afoul of the federal laws. Besides there being many examples of our inter-provincial trade barriers, the whole tenor of this situation has taken a negative turn and further hindered by PM Trudeau’s concern for the conflicted agendas between pipelines, ocean environmental safety and Canada’s COP21 commitments.

The UCP weighed in with calls for the NDP to defend our economic interest, going so far as to applaud the BC Liberals for ignoring their electorates desire to pull environmental concerns to the forefront.

The Green Party of Alberta stands firmly by our BC neighbours right to exert any and all influence needed to protect their waterways from an eco-disaster that would result from a spill of diluent. The main reason that our party has opposed pipelines is directly tied to the issue of diluent.

The Green Party of Alberta commits to capping oil production to ensure our ability to meet our climate change goals. We do so to protect all Albertans and our environment. We are not prepared to sacrifice additional deaths caused by the pollution of coal fired electrical plants that takes over a 100 Albertan lives every year.

The future of pipelines and the oil industry is in Solid Oil Pellets and innovation for safer oil transport. The Green Party of Alberta stands for our economic future beyond our industry’s old methods. Alberta can be so much more.

Romy Tittel


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