“Ode to the Mountain Caribou”: Bad Poetry in a Good Cause

Send us your poetry/songs — bad and good — that express your feelings about species extinctions and the need to protect bio-diversity.  Here’s my effort:

Ode to the Mountain Caribou

They’re ruining hunks of your homeland

Not caring what to you it will do

They’re all about money and clueless

I guess it sucks to be you, Caribou


They’re so in love with the oil and gas biz

They don’t get the huge harm it can do

They sit in their towers and plot against you

I guess it sucks to be you, Caribou


But your beauty is nevertheless dazzling

And your grandeur undeniable too

Being blind, they miss all that entirely

So I wonder, it sucks to be who?


When a person can’t see beauty in nature

And thinks only of the money they’re “due”

Perhaps in a way they’re to be pitied

So I wonder, it sucks to be who?

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  • Here’s my entry:
    Sung to the Squid Jiggin’ Ground

    Oh, this is the place where the caribou gather
    The big bulls, the cows and the little ones too;
    All sizes of figures from real small to bigger,
    They congregate here on the caribou ground.

    But drillers are planning on workin’ their riggers,
    While government lackeys are asking each other
    If there’s a fragment of forest to hide them big fellers;
    While their bosses get on with the business of oil.

    There’s the Premier all smilin’ as his ministers dither,
    There’s Oberle, Fawcett pretending to care;
    There’s leases to plunder, small royalties to gather,
    A’runnin’ down caribou who’ll just disappear.

    Someday Albertans will look in the mirror
    And ask why some species just have to go:
    We hike and we camp in Alberta’s out yonder,
    But drilling the wrong way will ruin our fun.

  • I am not a poet so I will stay short and simple with a haiku!

    Caribou no more
    Since Prentice rules Alberta
    Say goodnight nature

    That is now copyrighted! 🙂

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