Norman Poole for Secretary

My name is Norman Poole. I am a dual citizen from both German and Canadian background. After my family moved to Canada from Germany, I grew up in the small town of Okotoks, Alberta.

In my 25 years in Alberta, I have worked in many different fields including retail, customer service, and currently insurance as a claims specialist.

I am an advocate for the green principles, having the strongest passion towards Respect for Diversity, Sustainability and Non-violence. Since joining the Green Party one year ago, and learning the green principles, I have successfully signed up a few new members to join as well. I am now running for the position of secretary on the executive council of the Green Party of Alberta. My strong skills include my organizational skills, detail in documentation skills, and time management skills.

I believe I will bring a strong foundation to the Green Party. I hope to continue to help grow and develop the Green Party of Alberta to its full potential.