Norm McDougall for Member at Large

Personal:; 403-392-6676
  • Married, B. Ed. U. of A., full time teacher for more than 3 decades with Red Deer Public, still active in teaching, coaching rugby, promoting fitness and health with children.
  • Two adult daughters, three grandchildren – my motivation to make the world a better place for the future.
  • Politically active since 1990’s. Lobbyist for Canadian Teachers’ Federation, member of Council of Canadians, Political Action Chairman Red Deer Local 60 Teachers.
  • Five times candidate provincially in Red Deer and Rocky Mtn. House opposing P.C. Party vs. Stockwell Day, M. Jablonski, Ty Lund.
  • Lots of time and energy to invest in promoting GPA Principles.
Goals: The time for GPA Principles is Now! Voters are yearning for seriously progressive policies.
  • Promote Principles of GPA with individual citizens and through connecting with activists groups and similar minded agencies like Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Agency, Red Deer River Naturalists, Senior’s groups, families and young voters.
  • Campaign for Electoral Reform – make every vote count!
  • Facilitate move towards green businesses, green energy sources and green lifestyle.
  • Embrace technology to improve the lives of all citizens.
  • Income security through guaranteed basic income.