Media Release: Voters in Calgary-Foothills free to vote their hearts and minds

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August 18, 2015


Janet Keeping is the Leader of the Green Party of Alberta

Janet Keeping is the Leader of the Green Party of Alberta

CALGARY – Janet Keeping, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, says that for the first time in three elections, the September 3rd by-election gives voters of Calgary-Foothills a chance to select the individual they truly want to represent them in the Legislature. Keeping is the Green Party’s candidate in the by-election and says voters in the riding finally have the opportunity to select the woman or man they want as their MLA.

“In November 2014 they were asked to rubber stamp Jim Prentice, already leader of the PCs and premier, so that he could take a seat in the Legislature. In May of this year they were expected to re-elect the premier, which they did only to have him resign as their MLA when his party lost power on election night. He clearly didn’t care one whit about being a representative for the people of the riding,” says Keeping who was president of an ethics in leadership organization for six years prior to becoming leader of the Green Party of Alberta.

Keeping notes that the governing New Democrats have a solid majority and that will not change with the outcome of the by-election.  “By-elections are in many ways a gift – they remove the need to worry about who is going to hold power – the NDs will have a majority the day after the by-election no matter who wins the by-election.  What possible difference does it make whether they have 53 or 54 seats in the Legislature?  None.  So voters are free this time to vote their hearts and minds without regard to which party forms government,” says Keeping.

“The by-election in Calgary-Foothills is not a referendum on the NDs – it is way too early in the new government’s mandate for that to make any sense at all. This is a chance to select a qualified person for the tough but essential job of representing a constituency in our provincial Legislature. I am more than up to the challenge.”

It’s an added bonus that the people of Calgary – Foothills have an opportunity to elect Alberta’s first Green MLA. Green Party volunteers from around the province are contributing to the Calgary – Foothills campaign, galvanizing the party, which was re-constituted three years ago.

For more information, please contact:

Janet Keeping
Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and
Candidate for the 2015 Calgary – Foothills by-election


Phone: 403.383.1356

Twitter: @leader_janet

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