Media Release: Time to end polarization over oilsands debate


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August 14, 2015





CALGARY – Green Party of Alberta Leader Janet Keeping is calling for less rhetoric and a more rational debate on the future of the province’s oilsands. The Calgary – Foothills by-election candidate says neither placing blind faith in the oil industry nor putting an immediate halt to production are realistic solutions.

Keeping says, “The Green Party approach avoids this false, all-or-nothing dichotomy and follows a sensible, alternative path, one which would have production rates gradually decrease to sustainable levels. We need a Green presence in the Legislature to push for it.”

Keeping reminds us of the many negative impacts of oilsands production. “Although some people want to deny it, there are many significant problems with oilsands production. In addition to intensive greenhouse gas emissions, some of the most important are these: only a tiny amount of disrupted land has been reclaimed; water is being contaminated, for example, by arsenic and lead; huge amounts of water are being consumed by production; air is being polluted causing acidic deposits; Aboriginal subsistence and other treaty rights are being repeatedly violated; boreal forest is being lost; biodiversity is being reduced; and significant social disruption is being caused throughout Alberta.”

Voters in Calgary – Foothills have asked Keeping at the door about the Green Party’s approach to sustainability.  As she puts it “Sustainability is now not just a matter of the problems we are leaving for future generations. The horrors of climate change are directly upon us, as illustrated by the catastrophic floods in southwestern Alberta in 2013 and terrifying wildfires especially in California, but also in other parts of the US and Canada this year.  Severe drought is also part of this nasty picture.”

“Even if the oilsands tap could be turned completely off tomorrow, this shouldn’t be done – the Alberta economy would be wrecked by such a drastic move. Sustainability is about more than the physical environment. It is also about maintaining a healthy employment climate. The rate of oilsands development should be reduced decisively but gradually.”


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For more information, please contact:

Janet Keeping

Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and

Candidate for the 2015 Calgary – Foothills by-election


Phone: 403.383.1356

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  • Janet,
    Having worked as an engineer, manager and teacher in northern Alberta I am determined to be a part of making them pollute less and last longer. However I see your comments as superficial and misleading.
    Do let me know of the times when Green Party events are held as I’d like to get a better idea of your plans for the wise use of our resources.

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