MEDIA RELEASE: Romy Tittel is elected new leader of the Green Party of Alberta

November 5, 2017

Romy Tittel is new leader of the Green Party of Alberta

Romy Tittel was elected new leader of the Green Party of Alberta at the party’s AGM held in Red Deer yesterday.  The other four outstanding candidates were Brian Deheer of Lac La Biche, James Friesen of Grande Prairie, Grant Neufeld of Calgary and Marco Reid of Calgary.



For more information on Romy and the other four candidates go to



Contact information for Romy and the other four candidates follows:

Romy Tittel;;  (403) 608-1380


James Friesen;;  (780) 978-1874


Brian Deheer;;  (780) 623-4754


Marco Reid;;  (403) 860-1173


Grant Neufeld;; (403) 630-7615


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  • Many thanks to you, Janet, for a really marvellous job. I really appreciated your outreach and engagement activities, as well as your vigilant presence and voice in provincial matters.
    Thanks to those who came forward to offer themselves as leader. And congratulations and commendations to you, Romy, on your success.
    Looking forward to continued growth for the Green Party of Alberta!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Laura. I am excited about the future of Green politics in the province especially given the leadership campaign that has just concluded. Five great candidates came forward and the membership has chosen a highly competent person in Romy Tittel whom I believe can take the GPA forward to greater success.

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