MEDIA RELEASE: Green Party of Alberta Announces Fourth Candidate for November Leadership Vote

Green Party of Alberta Announces Fourth Candidate for November Leadership Vote

September 6, 2017

The Green Party of Alberta is pleased to announce that a fourth leadership candidate has been approved by the party executive.  James Friesen of Grande Prairie has entered the race.

The deadline for submission of applications to run in the leadership race is September 10.  As Carl Svoboda, party president, says, “With climate change having brutal effects in many parts of the world, including nearby with severe wildfires in BC and devastating  flooding in Texas, there is heightened interest in Green politics.  So, we may well have still more candidates bidding for leadership of the Green Party of Alberta.”

James Friesen is retired and living on an acreage near Grande Prairie. In his working life he alternated between farming in Alberta and Saskatchewan and working as a miner in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

James was president of Farm Survival during the farm crisis in the mid-1980s and was a shop steward for the United Steelworkers in the Grande Cache coal mines. He has been active in many environmental and ecological groups aimed, for example, at preserving the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor and opposing nuclear power development and the Site C dam.

James is presently active with the GPA in the Grande Prairie area, and has been instrumental in forming constituency associations and organizing events to raise the profile of the Party in the area. James and his wife Loretta have a combined family of 11 children, 39 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

For more information on James Friesen please get in touch with him at

For information on the other leadership candidates go to

For information on the GPA generally, go to or contact the GPA president or current leader:

Janet Keeping 403-283-8085, 403-383-1356

Carl Svoboda 403-282-3863, 403-804-6869

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