MEDIA RELEASE: Green Party of Alberta Announces Fifth and Final Candidate for November 4 Leadership Vote

Green Party of Alberta Announces Another Candidate for November Leadership Vote

September 19, 2017

Carl Svoboda, president of the Green Party of Alberta, is pleased to announce the latest candidate to enter the GPA’s leadership race.  Brian Deheer of Lac La Biche is contending for the position.

As Svoboda says, “With five fine candidates in the race from three regions of the province (Calgary, Grand Prairie and Lac La Biche) members of the Green Party of Alberta have a good range of people from which to choose their next leader.  The heightened concern with environmental issues — from the increasingly apparent effects of climate change to the precariousness of our resource-based economy — means a growing interest in Green politics.  Combined with the success of the provincial Greens in BC, the Green Party of Alberta is in for a pivotal period.  The times they are a-chingin’ as Dylan sang and it’s an auspicious time to be choosing a new leader.”

The candidates have until October 4 to sign up new members who will be eligible to vote in the leadership contest.

About Brian Deheer:

After growing up in Vancouver, Brian Deheer lived in Toronto, Moncton, Halifax, Calgary and St Paul before moving to Lac La Biche 25 years ago.  A musician and teacher, Brian has also spent much of his life working with various environment- and sustainable development-related groups.

Brian learned about renewable energy while at college in Iowa, and became more involved in Canada’s solar and wind energy groups while studying urban planning at the University of Calgary.  He has volunteered with groups in Lac La Biche focussed on recycling, watershed stewardship, and cross-country skiing, one of Brian’s winter pursuits.  Brian currently volunteers with several watershed groups, which includes working with Indigenous peoples on water, land, and social justice issues.

Brian has been involved in Green politics since 2009, first as a volunteer and organizer, and then as a candidate in three elections (two federal and one provincial).  In 2015, he ran in the riding of Lac La Biche-St Paul-Two Hills  and earned a higher percentage of the popular vote than any other Green Party candidate.

Brian wants to represent the Party on a full spectrum of issues, and continue to fight the stereotype of Green Parties as being “environment-focussed” or “anti-development.”  For Brian, it’s not just about climate change, but also social justice, including Indigenous issues; not just environmental protection but a transition to a more sustainable path, for our economy and for our communities.

For more information on Brian Deheer please get in touch with him at

For information on the first three leadership candidates to be announced (Grant Neufeld, Marco Reid and Romy Tittel) go to

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