Media Release: Green Party Leader Writes Open Letter to Constituents


For Immediate Release

September 1, 2015



studio portrait of Janet Keeping
Janet Keeping, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta


CALGARY – The Leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Janet Keeping, addressed a series of key issues for the people of Calgary – Foothills in an open letter released to constituents. Keeping, who is on the ballot for the September 3rd vote, summarized what is at stake for citizens as they decide who their next MLA will be.


The entirety of Keeping’s open letter is provided below:

Dear Calgary – Foothills residents,

Your last two MLAs have quit on you. You deserve better than that and I would be honoured to be your MLA, to have the opportunity to work hard for you in the Alberta Legislature.

I have a vision of what Calgary – Foothills needs to be more vibrant and sustainable, better for families and everyone else: 

  1. Schools close to your homes;
  2. Safer streets – cars dominate many of the streets in the riding threatening the safety of both children and adults; people should be free to walk and cycle in a secure, pleasant environment. Getting out of our cars more often improves our health and prevents disease;
  3. Spaces in which your community associations can meet – perhaps these spaces are shared with your schools or another public facility such as a library, but you must have spaces convenient to your homes where you can get together to discuss community issues;
  4. More people in higher density buildings so that public transit and other services can be improved.  There is vacant land on which such housing – much needed in the city – could be built.  And good government will protect cherished and much used open spaces in that densification process.

You also need an MLA to speak to the issues beyond your community, to be part of a government that works for a better future for our whole province and contributes to the betterment of our country. In this vein, we need desperately to diversify our economy and protect our environment much better. In fact, we need urgently to diversify so that the education and health-care services we all treasure and depend on can continue to be provided and indeed improved. We could and should be leaders – world leaders – in the transition from being very heavy carbon emitters to evolving into a sustainable, low-carbon society.

Politics has become a nasty affair too much of the time. Too many people are turned off a crucial part of our democratic process as a result. I would strive – as I have striven during this by-election campaign – to act in a respectful way towards all, towards constituents and all others.

This and more is a Green vision and I would work hard to make it a reality for you.

I hope you vote for me on September 3rd but, most of all, I hope you vote for someone you think can work to deliver this positive vision for your future and that of your children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, to all those who give meaning to your life.



Janet Keeping

Green Party of Alberta leader and candidate in the September 3rd by-election


Former Premier Jim Prentice triggered the by-election call when he resigned as MLA for Calgary-Foothills on the evening of the May 5th  general election.

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For more information, please contact:

Janet Keeping

Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and

Candidate for the 2015 Calgary – Foothills by-election


Phone: 403.383.1356

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