Media Release: Green Party Leader pledges consistent contact and active consultation if elected


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August 22, 2015





CALGARY – Voters in Calgary – Foothills will get representation that consults and works to build active political engagement if they opt for Green Party Leader and candidate Janet Keeping in the September 3rd provincial by-election. “Participatory democracy is a key Green Party value,” says Keeping, “one that we take seriously.”

Green Party of Alberta

“If I were elected MLA, I promise to work constantly in Calgary – Foothills neighbourhoods so that I never lose touch with what constituents think and want for their communities and province,” promises Keeping.  This work would include door-to-door consultation, community meetings in advance of important deliberations in the Legislature, and regular meetings on major challenges confronting communities and the province as a whole.  “I would also work to increase the level of engagement with our precious but endangered democracy.”

“I would continue to door-knock as I have been during the by-election campaign to introduce myself to people in the seven communities that make up Calgary-Foothills. So many people aren’t home during these summer weeks of the campaign. There would be many constituents I’d never met,” says Keeping, who was elected Green Party of Alberta Leader in September of 2012.

“I would also hold regular monthly meetings to discuss issues that are going to be coming before the Legislature or legislative committees, to hear what constituents think on such topics. I would hold regular meetings on particularly complex issues such as reducing carbon emissions.  And for some of these events I would bring in experts to answer constituents’ questions on technical or scientific matters.”

“Perhaps most importantly, as MLA I would work to reconnect people to the democratic process,” Keeping says.  “Some people I’ve met at the door during the by-election campaign have never voted and not followed political life in the province at all. Some of these same people have said they want to start voting and would like some background information to get started. I would regularly run “Alberta politics and government” boot-camps that would help people overcome any hesitations and information gaps they might have.”

As Keeping says, “Nothing would give me greater satisfaction than to know my efforts as MLA contribute to bringing people into our shared democratic life. I would try to bring people, now outside it, into the political process so they can help shape solutions to our shared problems and develop a greater sense of community in their day-to-day lives. Much of my previous work experience in public legal education and public engagement on policy issues – many years based at the University of Calgary and then as president of an ethics in leadership foundation – would be useful to this kind of community-based engagement.”

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For more information, please contact:

Janet Keeping

Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and

Candidate for the 2015 Calgary – Foothills by-election


Phone: 403.383.1356

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