Media Release: Basic amenities lacking in Calgary-Foothills, says Green Party Leader


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August 16, 2015





CALGARY – Much of Calgary – Foothills is deprived of the services and amenities that make for stable, happy and vibrant communities – such as, schools, community association meeting spaces, day-care centres, playgrounds, library facilities – yes, even neighbourhood coffee shops, says Janet Keeping, Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and a candidate in the September 3, 2015 provincial by-election.

Calling the absence of these key community elements outrageously unfair, Keeping says, “The province should pass legislation requiring that all new residential areas have such amenities and that those already built that do not are retro-fitted starting immediately.”

Keeping believes the effects of not having these basic amenities are severe.  “The desire to work with others in your community is restricted because there is nowhere to hold meetings in your area. Young children are affected. They of course need schooling, but have to get on a bus early in the morning to go to a school outside the neighbourhood.  It would be much better for them and their families if they could walk to a school close to home.  If you’re a working parent under intense time pressure but there is no quality day-care in your neighbourhood you have to drive long distances to access day-care in other parts of the city.” Those running day-homes for children are also adversely affected by the lack of playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

The Green Party candidate asks, “What’s wrong with this picture? Well, pretty much everything. There aren’t even pedestrian cross-walks through much of these areas and – true story – this has led to children being hit by cars.  Yes, children being hit by cars because the province and city combined couldn’t be bothered to require that cross-walks be constructed – simple, cheap crosswalks. What is going on here?”

“At rock bottom it’s a problem of fairness – new areas in Calgary-Foothills have been treated shabbily and their residents as second class citizens,” says Keeping.  “The provincial government needs to step in and require that communities not be left twisting in the wind when it comes to core services. Greens in the Legislature would insist upon it. I would insist upon it.”

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For more information, please contact:

Janet Keeping

Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and

Candidate for the 2015 Calgary – Foothills by-election


Phone: 403.383.1356


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  • Sorry but I am not sure which community Ms. Keeping is speaking of. Edgemont, Hamptons and Hidden Valley are not lacking these facilities and Sage Hill, Sherwood, Nolan Hills and Kincora have many of these facilities planned if not being built. Does the Green Party really know Calgary Foothills or are they from outside the riding?

  • I’m not sure who your source was but I live in Calgary Foothills and couldn’t disagree more with thus article.
    You certainly won’t be getting my vote!
    You should really do your research. We have many coffee shops, schools and incredible parks and meeting places even within the new communities in Calgary Foothills. We are NOT deprived!

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