Marco Reid

In 300 words or less, please explain why members should vote for you, referencing any relevant board, educational, political, legal, financial, business, or volunteer experiences.

The membership of the Green Party of Alberta is composed of a varying group of individuals. When looking around at a gathering of Green Party members you will most likely see a staggered composition of employment that will include anyone from a musician to a businessman. Despite the differences among the membership, what is consistent is our pursuit and consideration for a political party that is inclusive, strong, and dedicated to gain democratically elected seats. Through my personal and professional life, I have attained the natural skills necessary for connecting with, and sympathizing with the diverse group of people that is the membership of the Green Party of Alberta. I have also drawn my perceptive nature from my work experiences. I have worked across the spectrum of employment from blue collar to white collar jobs. All my different work experiences have granted me some valuable insight of the interests of the Alberta working class.

My sharp understanding of varied groups of people and where they come from will allow me to connect and interact with the current membership to strengthen our party. By extension, I will be able to reach out to new or prospective members who may be looking for the political safe-haven that they seek. After we have strengthened our party internally we can reach out to voters in the same fashion, and find those many people out there who would vote green, if they just had an idea of who we are.

Some of the credentials I possess that the membership may be interested in knowing are the following

B.A Psychology

B.A Law and Society

Account Manager/ Human Resources – Trim Services LTD

Western Canada Coordinator – Mosaic Marketing

Volunteer Experience – Foothills Hospital, University of Calgary Homeless foundation, We – Day, WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), Calgary Pride, Green Party of Alberta, Green Party of Canada, Rugby Coaching

In 300 words or less, explain your vision for the party and how your vision is consistent or not with the GPA’s objectives in Article 2 of the GPA Constitution and with existing policies.

As a political party, I recognize that one of our main goals is to gain voters’ confidence in elections and to have candidates elected to represent the Green Party of Alberta in government. What sets the Green Party of Alberta apart from the political mainstream is our dedication to bring forward the green principles into society. I would be proud to lead a party that acts upon the green principles as my own views are consistent with them.

I greatly admire that the Green Party of Alberta promotes environmental stewardship, because it is in engaging with people and showing them the gains of environmentalism that will lay out the foundations to sustainability and a healthy planet. I also have profound respect for the Green Party of Alberta for fighting an uphill battle in Alberta and trying to dismantle the stigma of environmentalism and the myth that Alberta’s interests cannot coexist with sustainable society.

During election season, I would be dedicated to leading the Green Party of Alberta to gain seats, however, there is a lot of excellent work we can do as an organization year-round. Another method of how the Green Party of Alberta can bring the green principles to fruition is to be a sanctuary for humanitarian and environmentalist communities. The Green Party of Alberta already has a roster of experienced and informed members that can help construct the party to be a pinnacle of credibility in many different fields. The next step, as I see it, would be to improve our community engagement and outreach. Of course, to any non-profit organization that does good work, the greatest adversary to face is to get people involved. I believe I have what it takes and have also demonstrated my abilities to inspire and facilitate volunteer work from within our party to the outside world. After the Green Party of Alberta builds its profile, I believe that more support, admiration and respect will come to the Green Party of Alberta in mass.