Letter from Elizabeth

Congratulations to the wonderful volunteers and Green citizens who have brought the Green Party of Alberta to the provincial political scene. The global network of Green Parties operates from the grassroots up – not the top-down. Though each of these parties is uniquely guided by its own geography and culture, all are unified by their commitment to the common principles of Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Participatory Democracy, Nonviolence, Sustainability and Respect for Diversity.

As Leader of the Green Party of Canada, my support for the Green Party of Alberta is grounded in my conviction that the network of Green Parties is a unique strength of Greens everywhere. All benefit from the progress made by each.

I congratulate the Party’s new Leader, Janet Keeping, and wish her well in her task of inspiring Albertans to join the Greens’ essential work of creating a smart economy, a just and healthy society and a sustainable environment, and doing so in a way that gives hope and reinvigorates democracy.

I have confidence that Janet and the rest of the Party’s executive are dedicated to the advancement of both provincial and federal Green Parties in Canada.

Elizabeth May
Leader of the Green Party of Canada
MP for Saanich – Gulf Islands