Let’s Talk Mental Health Care

Today is Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk initiative. Removing the stigma attached to mental health issues is the first step but many more steps need to be taken for these issues to be successfully treated. The Green Party of Alberta has put into policy the following actions towards providing the best mental health services for our citizens;

The Green Party of Alberta will work vigorously to bring continuity to our badly fractured mental health system by providing appropriate resources and follow up treatment.

One in every five people in Alberta is affected by mental health issues. Bits and pieces of the system work effectively but results are measured by output rather than outcome. Afflicted people and their families are often left in desperate circumstances due to both lack of resources and appropriate follow up and treatment.

The Green Party of Alberta will support research into environmental factors contributing to mental illness.

The Green Party of Alberta is committed to high ethical standards and knows that any government will be judged by the way in which it treats its most vulnerable members, including those that face mental illness. The Green Party of Alberta recognizes that mental health services and facilities in the province have long been inadequate and that Albertans have a right to much better, that is, to as good mental health care as our society can collectively afford.

All health care professionals and front-line workers in the emergency, health, education and social service sectors – e.g., police, peace officers, teachers, nurses, nurses-aids, doctors, dentists, social workers and others – will be trained to recognize and deal with the manifestations of mental ill-health.
This includes such things as knowing where specialized services can be found and responding appropriately (e.g., with skill and compassion and with an emphasis on dignity and respect) to those suffering problems with their mental health.

A Green Party of Alberta government will ensure that there are a sufficient number of appropriately-trained and licensed mental-health specialists in Alberta to meet the needs of all Albertans.

Romy Tittel


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