Leader’s Resignation

Hello Fellow Members,

I have the unfortunate task in delivering the news that Romy Tittel tendered her resignation as Leader of the Green Party of Alberta on March 24th, 2018.

The Executive Council will be calling a meeting to discuss this affair further. At this time, we have no comments about plans for electing a new Leader, or the standing of our Deputy Leaders and Shadow Cabinet. We also have no current comments that we are prepared to make on behalf of Romy Tittel, or her decision to resign as Leader.


This shift in personnel does not negate the fact that the Green Party of Alberta has full plans to pursue seats in the Legislature in Alberta’s next General Election. The membership of the Party have always been the core facilitators of Party activity and will continue to do so. With our still very competent team, we will continue to fight for what is just and in Alberta’s best interest.


For any further comments, questions or concerns, Please contact me at president@greenpartyofalberta.ca




Marco Reid




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  • I am very sad and shocked to hear this news tonight. I hope Romy and her family are OK ? I send Romy, her family and the party my thoughts and support at this time
    Janice Fraser