What was missing From the Leaders’ debate?

Media Release
For Immediate Release

April 13, 2012

Everyone wore gray – the colour of Alberta’s future, judging from the evident indifference of the four major parties to critical environmental issues.

The urgent need for a plan to deal with climate change was missing. There was no evidence of concern about looming water shortages in southern Alberta. There was zero attention to Alberta’s need to transition away from dependence on non-renewable resources to a green economy that will continue to support Albertans in the decades ahead. There was no recognition that health care needs to start with the prevention of illness caused by environmental contaminants.

The EverGreen Party is the voice of Albertans who recognize how crucial the environment is to the triple bottom line that every decision of the Alberta Legislature should be based on: our economy, our social well-being, and the natural resources that in the long run everything else depends on.

EverGreens recognize the importance of health care, education, support for our most underprivileged citizens, and democratic renewal. But all the other parties in one way or another acknowledge these priorities. What they are missing, what the EverGreens bring to the discussion, what votes for the EverGreens support, is the need to tend to our most fundamental support system, our natural environment.


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