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Thank you for helping to build the new Green Party of Alberta! There are a number of ways you can join or donate. Membership costs $10 for one year, or $25 for three years. You will receive a tax receipt for any donation other than this membership fee.

Members and donors must support the objectives and principles of the party, be at least 16 years old, normally be resident in Alberta and be a permanent resident of Canada.

If you pay provincial taxes, your credit will be 75% of the first $200, 50% of the next $900 and 33 1/3% over $1,100.  The maximum tax credit is $1,000 reached with a donation of $2,300. The maximum total annual donation to all political entities (parties, constituency associations, candidates etc.) in Alberta is now $4000. Note that if you donate $250 or more in one calendar year, Alberta election law requires that your name and the donation amount be made public.

There is more information in the official Elections Alberta “Guide for Contributors“.

For example, if you donate:

$ 20 your tax credit will be $ 15.00…. your cost = $5

$ 50 your tax credit will be $ 37.50…. your cost = $12.50

$100 your tax credit will be $ 75.00….your cost = $25

$200 your tax credit will be $150.00….your cost = $50

$500 your tax credit will be $300.00….your cost = $200

For more information on tax credits see Elections Alberta’s Tax Credits page.

Please review the following options and select the one that is most appropriate:

Join or Donate Online

We use PayPal for our online contributions. Please add the appropriate selection(s) to your cart, and then check out when you are finished.

One year membership ($10)

Three year membership ($25)

Donation only

On the next page select the number of $25 increments (e.g. for a $100 donation change quantity to four).

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Join or Donate By Mail

Please complete and print this form. If you would like to join then please fill out the appropriate one-year or three-year amount in the Membership box. If you would like to make a separate donation please fill out the donation amount in the Donation box. Your cheque amount should equal the sum of these two boxes and should be made payable to “Green Party of Alberta”. Your completed form and cheque should then be mailed to:

Green Party of Alberta
319 – 3630 Brentwood Rd NW
PO Box 45066 Brentwood PO
Calgary AB
T2L 1Y4

Automatic Monthly Donations

Your regular monthly donation would be the most valuable contribution to building our new provincial party. Your monthly donations will ensure your membership is always up to date and they can can be made directly from your bank account. Please fill out this form, scan and email it to, or mail it to:

Green Party of Alberta
319 – 3630 Brentwood Rd NW
PO Box 45066 Brentwood PO
Calgary AB
T2L 1Y4

Monthly donations are withdrawn the first business day of the month, and contributions can be cancelled or modified with 10 days written notice. Please contact our Chief Financial Officer, by email at if you have any questions or if you wish to make a monthly donation without joining the Green Party of Alberta.