James Friesen

ln 300 words or less, please explain why members should vote for you, referencing any relevant
board, educational, political, legal, financial, business, or volunteer experiences.

I believe that I bring a wide range of experiences to the table: from construction to agriculture
and resource extraction.
I have been involved in advisory activist levels with many environmental and ecological groupsprincipally
concerned with wildlife management and preservation of which Y 2 Y (Yellowstone
to Yukon) is still my principal interest.
lwas involved in stoppingthe buildingof the Nuclear Power Plant at Peace River. My
involvement was both organizational and activist. I have been a promoter and activist in
stopping the Site C Dam.
I was president of Farm Survival at the height of the farm crisis in the mid L980’s. I have spoken
on the farm crisis and the demise of the small farm and the rise of the corporate agriculture in
Alberta. I have spoken at the University of Alberta and the Conference for the Economy and the
I began my working life on a small farm in northern Saskatchewan. I spent late summers and
early falls guiding in the Yukon Territory. At age 21 I moved into hard rock mining in northern
Manitoba. I left hard rock mining to mine Potash in Sask. and then moved to Grande Cache
Alberta to work in the underground coal mine and was shop-steward for United Steel Worker’s
of America.
ln the later part of the 1970’s until the late 1980’s I owned and operated a farm in central
Alberta later managing farms and returning to mining in the mid 1990’s after which I managed
a small farm raising pigs, sheep, goats and chickens in the Grande Prairie area and also our own
small business.
I have a Green Certificate in Agriculture and Animal Nutrition/ Farm Management which I took
at Lakeland College
Before remarrying I was a single father of 5 sons raising them on my own. I am currently
married to my wife of 25 + years. We have a combined family of 11 adult children of which
there are 9 living. We, at the present time, have 39 grandchildren and 10+ great
grandchildren. We currently reside on a small acreage south of Grande Prairie, Alberta.

ln 300 words or less, explain your vision for the party and how your vision is consistent or not
with the GPA’s objectives in Article 2 of the GPA Constitution and with existing policies.

My Vision For The Green Party Of Alberta
My vision is totally consistent with the policies and constitution that currently drive this party. I
believe the responsibility of a leader is to remain consistent and stringently defend the policies
of the party.
However, a leader must be open to new and vibrant ideas that would make our party even
more vibrant and appealing.
The leader in co-operation with the Executive should be able to bring together new ideas within
existing policies. I believe that Alberta is currently in a state of political flux.
I believe that the current government in Alberta has moved from its traditional position on the
left and became the extreme center right that leaves a hole in Alberta politics which our party
must move rapidly to fill. lt is imperative that we move rapidly to be recognized as the center
left party thus closing forever the hole in Alberta politics leaving the NDP nowhere to go.
As 70 % af all jobs are created by small businesses we must become the party of small business
in Alberta.
As agriculture is Alberta’s largest industry we must work toward re-establishing small farms,
organic and less organic farms within the framework of agriculture in Alberta.
We need to work toward a first world economy in Alberta. lt is time that we stop being hewers
of wood and drawers of water for large multi-national corporations, that extract our resources
and rape and pillage our province. We must replace that current policy with a policy that works
together with the Federal Government and other Provinces. To develop policy in which
Alberta’s natural resources would be sold and exchanged as value added products. Thus
enabling Albertan’s to extract less gas and oil and still maintain full time, long term well- paying
jobs with a better standard of living.
As a result of the above plan we could re-establish the Heritage Fund, invest in our children
with free education through to Post Secondary level. We could demonstrate Alberta’s wealth
and prosperity with an investment in the Arts. I believe the current trend in housing is small
houses- 800 sq. ft. or less. We need to develop a policy that’moves toward developing and
building areas within current municipalities that are devoted to small houses. ln this way we
could eliminate homelessness in this province at a fraction of the cost of all current policies. We
must maintain the current universal medicare without premiums. To eliminate premiums we
must, as has been demonstrated by all Nations that have a National Healthcare Program , add
Pharmacare. For every dollar we spend in Pharmacare we save four dollars in medicare.