Greens looking forward to celebrating Pride in Calgary this weekend


Dear Albertans and members of the LGBT+ community,

On behalf of the Green Party of Alberta, we want to express how excited we are to celebrate Calgary Pride 2017. With so much culture to explore and appreciate, this weekend will certainly be one to remember.

If celebrations are anything like last year, Calgary Pride will boast festivities and performances that demonstrate that the mood in Alberta is moving from tolerance to acceptance.

A warm embrace of the LGBT+ community is nothing new to Greens.  For example, the federal Green Party was the first political entity to demand equality for same-sex couples.  Greens have been very pleased to see some of the other political parties follow our lead in the fight for equality and human rights.

Although progress has been made, there is still an immense amount of work to do for the LGBT+ community and its supporters, and the Green Party of Alberta is standing ever ready to advocate for diversity issues.  Social justice has always been a central principle and we are fully dedicated to eliminate all forms of discrimination towards the LGBT+ community.

We recognize that simply stating that we are a progressive political party is not enough. Since respect for the LGBT+ community is rooted in our political DNA, it is with pride that we say we are ready to, and already do, advocate for LGBT+ rights 365 days a year.

Unfortunately, we won’t be marching in the parade like we did last year due to logistical errors.  However, please keep your eyes peeled for us in the crowds and throughout the festivities as nothing is going to keep us from celebrating diversity and embrace of it this weekend!

With Pride,

Marco Reid, Member of Shadow Cabinet

Janet Keeping, Out-going Leader,

Green Party of Alberta

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