Greens In Alberta Recognize Indigenous Genocide, Move To Ban Seclusion Rooms, And Limit Non-Disclosure Agreements

Media Release

September 19, 2019



EDMONTON – Members of the Green Party of Alberta made history by explicitly using the word ‘genocide’ to describe the outcome of colonial actions against Indigenous peoples, including First Nations, Metis and Inuit.

The resolution, which passed with an overwhelming majority at the recent Green Party of Alberta Policy Convention in Edmonton, also further underscores the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples of Canada, which requires the duty to consult and obtain consent in regard to the consequences of genocide and the healing required. The new policy also mandates that the Green Party of Alberta will commit to the sovereignty of Indigenous peoples by ensuring that all policy development, lawmaking and day-to-day operations reflect this reality.

Members also passed a resolution that bans seclusion rooms in elementary and secondary schools in Alberta and increases the resources available to Educational Assistants. In addition to the ban, the Greens are calling for the use of sensory rooms for students with sensory issues, social behavioural issues, and those feeling overwhelmed.

The Greens are also calling for an increase in Educational Assistants while also promoting education and training in conflict de-escalation for EAs and teachers by psychologists, Indigenous elders, and other culturally inclusive specialists, to deal with students who require additional support/use of sensory rooms.

In a move designed to deepen democratic openness in Alberta, GPA members voted to ban non-disclosure agreements in any situation where victimization of persons or communities have been raised as a formal complaint against a corporation, government body or institution as a means of contributing to a broader culture of democratic transparency.

The impetus for the motion is the practice by oil and gas corporations to use non-disclosure agreements as a blunt object to manipulate residents into being silent about transgressions pertaining to fracking and keeping crucial information off the public record.

Members of the Green Party of Alberta also passed resolutions that would ensure employees have reasonable access to flexible work practices, including telecommuting and flexible work hours, that a GPA government would support and assist in funding farmers to undertake regenerative soil conservation practices in order to enable long-term stable food-raising conditions, and that the GPA recognizes The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness that declares in part “non-human animals [as recognized by the Cambridge Declaration] have the neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviours.”

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