Green Party won’t run against Liberal and ND incumbents: Cooperation not merger the way to go

The Green Party of Alberta today announces its decision not to run against progressive incumbents – 2 Liberals and 4 NDs – in the next provincial election.  The Greens will also not run against the leader of the Alberta Party and have requested that the NDs, Liberals and Alberta Party not run against GPA leader Janet Keeping in Calgary-Fort, in return.

As Keeping puts it:  “Greens have no interest in merger.  We have a distinct set of policies and principles that, as climate change worsens, will eventually prevail.  But we realize Alberta desperately needs a different government as soon as possible.”

“44 years of one-party government is dangerous to our democracy.  A PC party that was a breath of fresh air way back in 1971 has over time taken on a culture of entitlement to power and become little more than the mouthpiece of the hydrocarbon industries (oil, gas and coal) and the wealthy.  We are ready to cooperate with the other non-conservative parties to help bring about change.”

Greens have several ideas about how the progressive parties could work together without merger.  For example, there doesn’t seem to be a legal obstacle to candidates running for more than one party in a given riding.  “We’ll be working hard to try to make some of those joint candidacies happen” Keeping adds.


Janet Keeping, Leader, Green Party of Alberta


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  • This is perhaps one of the greatest things that could of happened in Alberta politics. Leave it to the Greens to buckle down and show true leadership. Now if only the other opposition parties would put partisan politics aside for once and sit some candidates out. Start emailing the Libs, NDP and AB Party!

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