Green Party of Alberta to launch new Constituency Association in Edmonton-Mill Creek

EDMONTONThis province’s Green Party is about to launch a new constituency association in the Edmonton area. More specifically, the group will be situated in the riding of Edmonton-Mill Creek, a seat currently held by New Democrat Denise Woollard in the provincial legislature. The initial meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at The Meadows/Edmonton Public Library at 6:30 p.m.   

Meeting organizer Chris Alders says forming the constituency association is a natural outgrowth of the party’s commitment to the community. “Participatory democracy matters to Green Party people because we see it as a vehicle that people can use to achieve community aspirations. We’re excited about the Edmonton-Mill Creek riding in particular because there are indicators of tangible support in the lead-up to the next provincial election.”

Ralph McLean, who carried the Green Party’s banner in the 2015 federal general election, believes Edmonton-Mill Creek ought to be fertile ground for the Green Party. “We are a very inclusive party and there is likely no other riding that has such a rich cultural diversity as this one. It’s our intent to extend an ongoing invitation for members of the community to become involved in building a constituency association that is able to meet the needs of the community.”

There are presently three Green Party MLAs in Canada. Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and British Columbia all have elected Greens in their respective provinces. Alders believes it is just a matter of time before Alberta will join that list. “We’ve seen communities rally around Green Party values and elect our candidates so we know that it can and has been done. We promise to ensure that the people of Edmonton – Mill Creek will have ample reasons to become involved with our constituency association and vote Green Party in coming elections.

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