Green Party of Alberta Statement on the Passing of Bill 23, the Alberta Human Rights Amendments Act

The Green Party of Alberta supports immediate action to remove all minimum age requirements for condominiums and rental properties in Alberta.

Greens understand that all Albertans need affordable housing that is suitable to their needs.

Currently with minimum age requirements in place there are situations where residents are forced to move out from residences with minimum age requirements if they have children, or cannot live in certain buildings that have these restrictions.

With the lack of affordable housing in Alberta it is important to act now to make housing accessibility open to all.

The newly passed government bill 23 will come in to law on January 1st 2018. This ends minimum age requirements for all rental units on January 1st. 55+ buildings will be allowed to keep their status. Other condominiums that currently have minimum age requirements will be able to maintain their status for 15 years, and have the option to change to 55+ any time in that period.

The Green Party understands condo owners in age restricted buildings wish for peace and quiet and a sense of community and amenities that come with living with those of a similar age.

Greens support robust legal protection for the rights of all Albertans and fully support adding age protections to the Human Rights Act.

By removing minimum age requirements immediately Alberta will be granting full rights to families to live where they choose. This will contribute to a more caring communal society and allow for greater access to a variety of more affordable housing options.

Catriona Wright – Sustainable Towns and Cities

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  • I must respectfully disagree.

    My wife and I live in an “Adult Only” condominium. We and the majority of residents here are owners of the individual suites. Children are frequent visitors to the grandparents here, and are generally well behaved. The condo corporation has no problems with these visitors.

    Young parents with children that have much energy to expend are not permitted residency, so that the owners do not have to worry about children running in the halls. As people age, they are more likely to sustain injury from an abrupt contact and this can negatively affect the quality of life and increase the burden on the health care system.

    As the owners, we do have the right to restrict occupancy to meet the needs of the owners. If this complex was individual single family homes the owner would be totally in control of who entered the property.

    Properties that have been developed for rental accommodation, on the other hand, should be open to all qualified (financially) renters without discrimination.

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