Green Party of Alberta Responds to Denied Calgary Pride Parade Entry

Due to the decision of Pride Calgary to refuse entry of all all political party’s in the 2019 Calgary pride parade, it is with great disappointment I must confirm that the Green Party of Alberta will not be marching this year.

The Green Party of Alberta submitted a joint application with the Green Party of Canada, citing Green’s political history of advancing LGBT+ rights in legislation and in the community. Our continued support has been shown since the Green Party of Canada was the first registered party to endorse the legalization of same-sex marriage in 1996.

Although the Green Party was eager to show its ongoing support for the LGBT+ community in Calgary by marching, we respect the decision of the organizers and volunteers of Calgary Pride. As Calgary Pride represents and facilitates a celebration of a marginalized group, we uphold that as allies we must understand and show support for the precedent that Pride Calgary has set for their own event.

We intend to follow up with Calgary Pride if there is anything the Green Party can do to demonstrate that our bottom line is doing politics differently. We hope that this can prove that the Green Party will be able to be involved in Calgary’s pride celebrations without detracting from the organizer’s intended vision for a successful and meaningful pride.

As there is still much to do, the Green Party will continue to pursue being an effective ally by progressing LGBT+ rights and equality in Alberta.


Marco Reid


Green Party of Alberta

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