Green Party of Alberta Policy Convention a Leap Forward

May 27, 2013

Green Party of Alberta Policy Convention a Leap Forward

Provincial Greens met in Calgary on Saturday May 25 to adopt policies on several key areas – electoral reform, transparency and accountability, energy, taxes, healthcare and Aboriginal issues. Highlights included adoption of a two-referendum strategy for putting a fairer voting system in place – Greens favour some form of proportional representation but would convene a citizens’ assembly to carefully consult Albertans on their preferences.  Another key policy adopted would impose a moratorium on approval of additional tarsands projects until the impacts on the environment, infrastructure and society are assessed and an overall development policy is put in place.

Party members from Grande Prairie to Medicine Hat, Edmonton to Black Diamond joined Calgary members for an intense day of discussion and voting.

The policy meeting was the culmination of a grass roots process that solicited proposals from members province-wide. This highly democratic way of producing policy is “challenging but rewarding”, says Policy Chair Diann Duthie.

This was the first policy convention for the renewed Green Party of Alberta and is just a start on the full range of policies needed. Nevertheless Party Leader Janet Keeping was jubilant at the success of this first major step. “I have never been at a meeting where virtually all of the participants engaged so fully in the business at hand,” she observed. “It was a very impressive accomplishment.”