April 17, 2019


CALGARY – In light of the recent UCP win in the Alberta Provincial Election, the leader of the Green Party of Alberta, Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, is focused on the future to work together to make positive change in the province.

“I am proud and grateful to the amazing people who had the courage to run as Green Party of Alberta candidates in this election. We had 32 brave candidates – 17 women and 15 men.  We stood up for our fellow Albertans, our most vulnerable citizens, and we championed our beautiful Mother Earth, holding on to the human values of caring, sharing, moderation and balance.”

One of the core values of the Green Party is Participatory Democracy and Chagnon-Greyeyes pays homage to those that lived that value. “Thank you to the incredibly supportive and dedicated candidates, volunteers, supporters and donors, members and executive, helpers and voters who brought the message of a ‘Vision Beyond Tomorrow’ to our provincial conversation.”

The Green Party leader indicated the coming years will be bumpy for large swaths of Albertans. “The next four years will hold difficult times ahead for Albertans as we regress to Conservative rule, with the NDP as the Official Opposition. Protecting the environment and speaking out for Alberta’s most vulnerable populations will now be the responsibility of the communities as Kenny’s threats of slashing and gashing inflict lasting damage to the social supports currently in place. There is well-grounded fear that is tangible – fear of attacks on the most vulnerable in our society: LGBTQ2+ folks, the elderly and the children, different ethnicities and religions, Indigenous people, homeless and people in poverty.”

The Green Party of Alberta will continue to collaborate and work together – as communities, as agencies, as institutions, as people who genuinely care for and about one another – to face these upcoming challenges and barriers.  We successfully planted “Green” seeds of possibility and potential, hope and promise for a better tomorrow for Alberta.  We can work together towards that goal, moving forward and looking ahead as the Green Party of Alberta is focused on our future, a better future, that we can all start today.

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For more information, please contact:

Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes
Leader of the Green Party of Alberta and Candidate of Record in Calgary-Varsity

Phone: 403-875-4651