Green Party of Alberta Announces Officially Approved Leadership Candidates.

The GPA executive is pleased to announce that three applications have been received and approved from  candidates for the leadership of the Green Party of Alberta.The three candidates are:

Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes – Cheryle is a well-known activist for indigenous, social justice, and environmental causes. She is a Calgary resident and currently employed by the University of Calgary.

Brian Deheer – Brian is a resident of Lac la Biche, where he teaches music. He has been active in local environmental organizations and in the federal and provincial Green parties, and has run in both federal and provincial elections. He is a former deputy leader of the GPA.

Matt Levicki – Matt is a resident of Lamont has a background in media and broadcasting, and has worked for the past several winters as a safety technician on ice roads while pursuing his studies. He was an Evergreen candidate in the 2012 provincial election.

More detailed information on the candidates will be forthcoming on this website, and you will be hearing directly from them in the course of the campaign. The new leader will be chosen at our AGM on September 22.



Marco Reid


Green Party of Alberta