Green Party of Alberta Announces Interim Leader

The Green Party of Alberta is pleased to announce our Interim Leader:


Coral Bliss Taylor

Coral has served on the Green Party of Alberta executive since 2015 and was a candidate in the 2015 provincial election. Coral also ran for Calgary’s City Council in the 2017 municipal election, nearly unseating an incumbent with a total of 10601 votes.

When not engaged in politics, Coral has been personally involved in Alberta’s economic diversification – working with local technology startups including her own web-based business. She has a robust background in sustainability, having completed a master’s degree with research focused on sustainable urban planning and public engagement. Coral has also worked in community planning and municipal infrastructure in both urban and rural environments.

Coral has lived in Alberta since arriving as a child in 1996 and is proud to call Calgary home. She spends most of her free time in the small town of Delacour, Alberta, with her horse, Sequel.

Coral’s personal statement to members:

As I assume the interim leadership of the Party, and look ahead to the next 6 months, I am struck by how much hope there is for Alberta’s future. So many in Alberta recognize the imperative to steward Alberta’s natural beauty and capital, to prioritize quality of life, and to do so through social justice and economic well-being for all. The Green Party of Alberta is proud to offer a strong, unified political voice for all Albertans who recognize this fundamental truth.

Now more than ever the Green Party of Alberta provides the only truly forward-thinking option to Albertans. We are the only provincial political party that recognizes and responds to the environmental, physical realities with a plan that serves both the present and future. We are also the only political party whose core principles specifically name social justice – caring for all.

The Party has a dedicated and hard-working team of volunteers and executives who continue to fight for the principles and future you believe in. In the next 6 months we will build the foundation from which the Green Party of Alberta will challenge the 2019 provincial election. We are creating a strategic plan that will guide the Party up to and beyond this election. We are crafting thoughtful and balanced policy that serves all of Alberta. Finally, we are growing our support base through grassroots action, and our shadow cabinet’s intelligent and reasoned leadership on Alberta’s pressing issues.

You, as members, are critical to our success so far, and to our future growth. Thank you for your ongoing support and work on behalf of all Albertans who care about a sustainable future. Many of our friends and neighbours care deeply about the environment, but don’t feel they have a voice. Please continue to kindly and intelligently remind them that we are all on the same team, working for Alberta’s future. Donate, volunteer, and encourage others today, and we will all be stronger together tomorrow.

Join me in choosing a better life for Albertans.

All my best wishes,

Coral Bliss Taylor

Interim Leader

Green Party of Alberta