Grant Neufeld

In 300 words or less, please explain why members should vote for you, referencing
any relevant board, educational, political, legal, financial, business, or volunteer

1999-present, coordinator and developer of the Calgary Activist Network.
2004-2006, President, Alberta Greens.
2004, Alberta Greens candidate, Calgary-Buffalo.
2004-2005, Member of organizing committee, including Co-ordinator role, Alberta Social
2007-present, coordinator and developer of the Calgary Democracy Project.
2007-2017, on the Board of Directors for the Calgary SCOPE Society (a charitable social services
agency, with a social justice mission, working with people with developmental disabilities,
particularly those with complex needs). 2 years as Board Chair.
2013-2015, member, and occasional meeting chair, City of Calgary eGovernment Strategy
Advisory Committee
Various, campaigner, Green campaigns, including in B.C. and Nova Scotia (in addition to
Parliamentarian, fairness committee, and other facilitation roles at various Green conventions.
Guest-lecturer in various Social Work and Disability Studies post-secondary courses.
Trained in facilitation, non-violence, public speaking, media relations, audio & video
production, graphic design.

In 300 words or less, explain your vision for the party and how your vision is
consistent or not with the GPA’s objectives in Article 2 of the GPA Constitution and
with existing policies.

I see the Party, not as a goal in itself, but just as a tool that we can use to try to advance the
Green Principles. It is not my goal to get people elected under the Green banner, but to get
the Green Principles adopted and applied in our systems of governance. All of which is not to
say that I would not continue to actively pursue the election of Green candidates, which I
think would serve the goal well. But, I believe it is important to maintain the distinction
between tactics (getting Greens elected) and the actual goal (advancing Green principles).
Winning elections is not the only way Greens can “win”. If elected officials in other parties, or
even whole other parties, adopt and follow the Green Principles, then we’ve won.
As the Party Constitution states, we want “a government elected in Alberta that is committed
to the green principles…” While that is most likely to happen if Greens are elected, it would be
just as good an outcome if it happened by other parties embracing the principles.
As to the Green Principles themselves, I have spent much of my life supporting all six of them
through the various activist and political projects and efforts I have participated in, and
certainly see them as the best direction for our species to pursue.