Database Entry Points

Contact and Financial Information

The information in these database is password protected. The account used may be restricted to only viewing the data, or may be able to edit some of it.

Constituency Association and Postal Code Configuration

This database allows constituency association teams (e.g. executive) and election campaign teams (e.g. candidate and campaign manager) and URLs (email, facebook, paypal, etc) to be defined. Note that a constituency association has to be marked as active before it will appear on the website in the list of constituency associations. Note that team member information comes from the contact database, and should be updated there.

Additionally, a database of postal codes helps determine someone’s constituency from their address. Note that a ‘postal code’ can be the name of a town (it is your responsibility to determine that a town is totally within one constituency before adding it).

Public Information

The information in these database is available to the general public, via the public website, and links are provided here just for completeness.


If you cannot access one of these databases, and believe you should be able to, please email David Crowe.

These databases are stored in a FileMaker database server. The technology used to access them is based on code written in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, developed by David Crowe.