ELECTORAL REFORM: Last topic for leadership candidates prior to vote on Saturday:

The following is the fifth and last question posed to the candidates for leadership of the GPA.  The vote to choose the new leader will be held at the AGM this Saturday — September 22nd — in Red Deer:

“How can Alberta Greens make the need for proportional representation more compelling to Albertans?”

The answers from the two candidates for GPA leadership are given below in the order in which they were received.  A strict 150 word limit was imposed.

Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes:

Participatory democracy is a Green Party principle, and Fair Vote Canada notes that proportional representation is democratic principle specifying that people should be represented in proportion to how they voted.  The percentage of seats a party has in the legislature would reflect the percentage of people who voted for that party.  The ‘first past the post’ system currently in use in Canada is neither fair nor truly representative of voters’ selections.  “Voters elect a single representative in each single-member riding, making it impossible for all voters in a riding to elect a representative that represents their values and priorities. In some ridings, 70% of the voters cast ballots which elect no-one.”

The Green Party of Alberta has a responsibility to let Albertans know about this inequity, and how to fix it; we can encourage folks to run for the Green Party of Alberta, working towards fixing this inequity.

Contact information:  cheryle_chagnon@yahoo.com;  (403) 875-4651

Brian Deheer

We have to work with advocacy groups already working on this, like Fair Vote Canada and Council of Canadians.  Electing governments based on less than 50% of the popular vote is undemocratic. First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) gives an unfair advantage to larger parties and denies voters the broad-based representation they deserve.

In 2019, voters deserve choices – 87 Green candidates – not polarization.  The next government may be less representative because of FPTP.  False majorities have been won with barely 40% of the popular vote.

Saying “don’t split the vote” is a ruse to persuade voters NOT to support their preferred party, but to support a party they don’t like, in order to oppose the party they fear the most.

We can learn from the many countries that have PR; and the referendum in BC looks promising.

Rather than polarized acrimony, PR encourages cooperation; it could even unify us, rather than dividing us.

Contact information:  bjdeheer@hotmail.com;  (780) 404-7272

For more information on the candidates:

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