Leadership candidate profiles — don’t miss this!

Green Party of Alberta members will vote on September 22 for a new leader.  Each of the three candidates is profiled below.

Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes

Cheryle is a well-known activist for indigenous, social justice, and environmental causes.  She is a Calgary resident and currently employed by the University of Calgary.

Cheryle’s vision, in her own words :

“The Guiding Principles of the International Green Party bear a striking resemblance to the Seven Sacred Teachings of the Cree and Ojibway Indigenous People.  The Seven Sacred Teachings are:  Courage, honesty, humility, love, respect, truth, wisdom.  These are my personal beliefs, my Indigenous spirituality, my world view.

I feel confident that the words I will speak [as leader], the stories I will share, and the learnings that I will be gifted with are reflected within the Green Party’s focus on people primarily, on our environment and sustainability, peace and good living, respect for one another, for our brothers and sisters, for our beautiful Mother Earth.

I want to recruit and focus on increased participation by women, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2S people, folks of different ethnicities, religions, beliefs and values, with the aim of providing a wide depth and breadth of people, especially those who are under-represented at the provincial political level.”

Contact information:  cheryle_chagnon@yahoo.com;  (403) 875-4651

Brian Deheer

Brian is a resident of Lac la Biche, where he teaches music. He has been active in local environmental organizations and in the federal and provincial Green parties, and has run in both federal and provincial elections. He is a former deputy leader of the GPA.

Brian’s vision, in his own words:

“In my Vision, I see the GPA leading the province toward a sustainable and diversified economy, a prosperous society that excels in stewardship and respect for human rights.  Albertans want a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Certainly the six Green Party principles resonate strongly with my own values.  My ideas for a sustainable economy are guided by the principles of Sustainability and Ecological Wisdom.  So often I hear “it’s about the economy,” or “Jobs!”  To me, it’s more than this;  it’s about quality of life;  liveable. Thriving communities; encouraging small and medium-sized local businesses.  There’s a role for everyone; we’ve all got to do our part.

I value Social Justice and Respect for Diversity:  we must keep building on the foundations of reconciliation and healing, advocacy, inclusiveness, and solidarity with all members of society.

I want to continue building up the party, both externally (public awareness) and internally.”

Contact information:  bjdeheer@hotmail.com;  (780) 404-7272

Matt Levicki

Matt is a resident of Lamont has a background in media and broadcasting, and has worked for the past several winters as a safety technician on ice roads while pursuing his studies. He was an Evergreen candidate in the 2012 provincial election.

Matt’s vision, in his own words:

“We live in disruptive times and new leaders are stepping forward to guide our progress.  This is my time to lead and speak.  We can end oil’s deep state corporatocracy.  Supporting me would move us towards restoring governance for our great province and bringing back real democracy.

Our institutions were captured by energy executives and submissive politicians decades ago.  Many of these people decided in corporate offices outside the province and country to increase profits instead of care about our safety.  It is exciting to strive for ownership that was promised to us.  We will run this province, not them.

Disruption caused by the autocracy of business men is now being brought into public discourse.  The better cause will win.  Air, land, food and water need to be protected from destructive chemical synthetics.  The harm being done to our bodies could take us to the edge of peril.”

Contact information:  mrlevicki@gmail.com;  (780) 884-7740