Coral Bliss Taylor

Coral Bliss Taylor

Portfolio – Governance for Sustainability

Coral is the ideal candidate to respond to and lead on sustainable governance in Alberta. Coral’s career has progressed through engineering, sustainable community planning, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. While completing her B.Sc. in geomatics engineering at the University of Calgary, Coral developed an interest in community planning. This stemmed from concerns over environmental issues, climate change in particular, and led to pursuing courses in energy, environment, urban planning, and ecological planning.

During her employment as a junior planner, Coral worked primarily in the Calgary area, especially in the municipalities of Rocky View and Foothills. There, she also completed a comprehensive community energy study as part of a small team, focusing on energy use, conservation, and renewable sources of power for communities in the area. Her work in community planning has also led to an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of the political and legal systems the municipal level, especially with respect to the Province’s influence in municipal affairs. This in turn generated a keen interest in provincial politics.

More recently, Coral completed a master’s degree at the U of C, again in geomatics engineering. Her research focused on community engagement, including online engagement. This work enhanced her appreciation of participatory democracy at all levels, and for the enabling technologies.


Because of her broad background, and the time she spent working in depth on community engagement and sustainability, Coral is the ideal candidate to respond to and lead on sustainable governance in Alberta.