Green Party of Alberta
319-3630 Brentwood Rd NW
P.O. Box 45066 Brentwood PO
Calgary, AB
T2L 1Y4


Marco Reid

I have been an environmentalist and humanitarian all my life, but found my outlet of instilling the change I believe is necessary through the Green Party of Alberta. Over the last year I have sat at the Executive level of the party, serving in IT, communication, and event work. I was also appointed to our newly formed Shadow Cabinet, possessing the portfolio of Environment and Ecosystem Health.

Vice President and Executive Director
Peter La Bastide

Peter Labastide is a retired professional engineer and software project manager.  Peter joined the Alberta Greens in 2014 and became Vice President in 2016.  He is the founding president of the Calgary Mountain View Constituency Association.

Norman Poole

Norman Poole is a dual citizen with both German and Canadian background. In Norman’s 25 years in Alberta, he has worked in many different fields including retail, customer service, and currently insurance as a claims specialist. Norman was elected secretary at the Annual General Meeting of November 4, 2017.

Chief Financial Officer

Dick Willott

Dick has lived in Calgary since 1957, so he has seen a lot of changes in both the city and the province – some for good, some not so good. He is a retired geophysicist, and a founding member of Calgary-Varsity Constituency Association. He was elected to the post of CFO at the Annual General Meeting in September, 2018.