Calgary-Lougheed By-election

The Green Party of Alberta would like to congratulate Mr. Jason Kenney on his electoral victory in the Calgary-Lougheed by-election. We would also like to thank Dr. Phillip van de Merwe, Mr. David Khan, Mr. Wayne Leslie, Ms. Lauren Thorsteinson and Mr. Larry Heather for giving the voters a choice in our democracy.

Romy Tittel, the Green Party of Alberta leader is committed to working with Mr. Kenney and the UCP as well as all of our representatives in the Alberta legislature. Our current and future challenges require the best voices to be heard and the best solutions to be found.

“We are at a very unique time in Alberta’s history, we have an amazing future to walk into and leave the past behind. Alberta is ready to stand on its own four million pairs of feet and not be rocked by every bump in the oil and gas market. So please join me and the Green Party of Alberta into that future.”

Albertans are known for their self-reliance, their willingness to work hard, their entrepreneurial spirit and their willingness to take risks. Let’s harness those qualities and create the ultimate renewal energy source to power our amazing future.

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