Brian Deheer







In 300 words or less, please explain why members should vote for you, referencing any relevant
board, educational, political, legal, financial, business, or volunteer experiences.

I’ve learned much through my experiences over the years, and I’m still learning. I have grown more
politically active in recent years, and have been working in various Boards and Committees on
environmental areas for many years. My interests in land-use planning/municipal government,
community-based development, music, and renewable energy began in my College years and continue
to the present.
 Member of the Green Party of Alberta (GPA) since April, 2015.
 Ran as GPA candidate in 2015 in Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills; gained 2.75% of the popular vote.
 Member of the Green Party of Canada since 2009. Ran as candidate in federal by-election in
2014, and also in federal general election in 2015.
 Member of the Athabasca Watershed Council Board since 2014, serving as Board Chair since 2015.
 Board member of Keepers of the Athabasca Watershed Society (KAWS) since 2012. KAWS works
with First Peoples to address watershed/environmental and indigenous rights issues.
 Member of Lac La Biche County Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (2012-2015).
 Member of Northern CARE (Community Action for Recycling Enterprises, later Alberta CARE) in
the 1990s.
 Student of Urban and Regional Planning at Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary,
 Musician and music instructor (guitar, bass guitar, drums, ukulele, mandolin) for past 20 years.
Relevant interests:
 Renewable/alternative energy: solar, wind, geo-thermal, micro-hydro, etc. Member of Solar
Energy Society of Canada since 1989.
 Cross-Country Skiing: member of and volunteer with Lac La Biche Nordic Ski Club since 1993.
I am comfortable with public speaking, and I enjoy working in a team. If elected as leader, I would
look forward to meeting and collaborating with people across the province.

In 300 words or less, explain your vision for the party and how your vision is consistent or not
with the GPA’s objectives in Article 2 of the GPA Constitution and with existing policies.

In my Vision, I see the Green Party of Alberta leading the province towards a sustainable and
diversified economy, a prosperous society that excels in stewardship and respect for human rights.
Albertans want a better future for our children and grand-children. As Party Leader, I would work
towards that vision for Alberta.
Certainly the six Green Party principles resonate strongly with my own values. My ideas for a
sustainable economy are guided by the principles of Sustainability and Ecological Wisdom. So often I
hear “it’s about the economy,” or “Jobs!” To me, it’s more than this; it’s about quality of life; liveable,
thriving communities, in both urban and rural Alberta; enabling local organizations to enrich their
communities; encouraging small and medium-sized local businesses. There’s a role for everyone;
we’ve all got to do our part.
I value Social Justice and Respect for Diversity: we must keep building on the foundations of
reconciliation & healing, advocacy, inclusiveness, and solidarity with all members of society, which
have become part of Alberta’s legacy. And I’ve been supporting efforts towards Proportional
Representation through Fair Vote Canada since 2008.
I want to continue building up the party, both externally (public awareness) and internally. We’ve
been getting more visibility over the recent years; I’d try to amplify that. Certainly the efforts I’ve
seen have been valuable – press releases, events, Shadow Cabinet – and I’d want to see those things
continue. I’d be interested in traveling to communities across Alberta, meeting with residents and
community organizers, business-people, farmer’s markets, etc.
I’m excited to see the accomplishments in setting up Constituency Associations to date. Building on
this, I would seek 87 respected community women & men leaders to be candidates by Fall of 2018; so
that we can offer all Albertans a hopeful, realistic, credible choice in 2019.