June 3, 2019 


EDMONTON – There is no legitimate basis for conversion therapy and the practice must be banned in Alberta, says the Green Party of Alberta.

GPA Party Leader Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes says conversion therapy, which is predicated on the false assumption that one’s sexual orientation or identity can be altered by psychological or spiritual intervention, “is offensive in the extreme because it’s based on the harmful belief that if one is a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community then there’s something wrong with them. By calling on this ban, the Green Party of Alberta asserts that we must move beyond a climate of demonization and create a province in which our diverse peoples feel valued and respected.”

The UCP’s recent decision to abandon a working group aimed at eliminating conversion therapy in Alberta is misguided, overlooks the damage caused, and lacks basic human respect, says Chagnon-Greyeyes. “We’re also disappointed with the previous government who, during their four years in power, did not enact a ban as Ontario and Manitoba have done. We Greens call for the outlawing of this practice in a timely fashion.”

Respect for Diversity is a key Green Party of Alberta value. “We cannot allow Alberta’s most vulnerable to be manipulated and exploited just because there’s an element of our society that are actively anti-human rights. The Premier should re-constitute the working group and bring forward legislation that explicitly puts an end to this damaging activity,” says Chagnon-Greyeyes.

Greens in other Canadian provinces, most recently British Columbia, have also called for the cessation of conversion therapy. The World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization issued a statement in 2012 saying, “Since homosexuality is not a disorder or a disease, it does not require a cure. There is no medical indication for changing sexual orientation.” It added this type of therapy poses a “severe threat to the health and human rights of the affected persons.”

The Canadian Psychological Association weighed in on the practice in 2015, saying it “opposes any therapy with the goal of repairing or converting an individual’s sexual orientation, regardless of age.”

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Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes
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