Alberta Greens support construction of new Calgary cancer centre

Press release, January 29, 2015

The Green Party of Alberta supports the construction of the new cancer centre in Calgary as has been long planned and promised.  The current government’s failure to properly raise revenues and budget for the inevitable cyclical decline in oil prices should not now be used as an excuse not to build a facility that is so badly needed.

As Janet Keeping, leader of the party says, “The Green Party supports both fairness and prudence in public finance.  For example, we oppose corporate give-aways such as public funds being spent on carbon capture and storage.  We also support higher corporate taxes and return to progressive income taxation so the affluent pay their fair share.  Greens also support borrowing where the circumstances warrant it including for critical infrastructure such as the new cancer centre in Calgary.”

It is perfectly sensible for government to borrow and spend on long-lasting infrastructure when the private sector is hurting.  In fact if government pulls back in spending in hard times the economy is likely to get that much worse.  Further when things go south in the private sector, the costs of materials and particularly labour decrease making it an attractive time for government to build.

It is a travesty that the provincial government has put Albertans in this budgeting mess as yet again.  We could and should have saved tons of money, as has Norway, while oil prices were sky high to provide cushion in hard times.

But what was done poorly, was done poorly.  This is now:  the new cancer centre should go ahead as planned.  And Albertans should vote differently in the coming election.

Janet Keeping, Leader, Green Party of Alberta

(403) 383 1356 (cell)

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  • It is a travesty that the Conservatives have blown most of our budget surpluses. I also believe that if they were in charge of the Sahara desert there wouldn’t be any sand there in a few years.

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